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Think Pink!

October, time for pumpkin spice and watching the leaves change colors. I enjoy walking to work listening to an audiobook in the cooler fresh air. After the September wildfires, it feels like making up for lost time to be outside again.

This month is Breast Cancer awareness month. For women over 40, please make sure to follow up with the mammogram appointment. Early detection is key for managing breast cancer. Be sure to self exam each month too. Contact your doctor if you detect a lump or unusual change in the tissue. Below is a link to the Breast Cancer self-exam webpage.

Active Wellness is offering a 20 minute screening for shoulder and arm stiffness, numbness and tingling, or swelling. The visit may be scheduled onsite or via telehealth through November 15, 2020. Call our office at 541-286-5445 to schedule.

Be safe and stay healthy!


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