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April showers bring May flowers!

Finally, time to get outside again!

Gardeners are sharpening blades and returning outside to clear weeds and sow some seeds. Spring time in the Willamette valley is a wonderful site after the cloudy drizzle of winter. Whether new to gardening or tending to an elaborately landscaped yard, the right tools can help to provide relief. One of my favorite yard tools is a ratcheting pruner - it makes slicing through thicker branches easier on the hand. The ratcheting mechanism reduces the grip force needed with pruning or for cutting branches to fit into the yard debris bin. Look at the hinge on the tool for the extra hinge that makes all the difference. Check with a local garden supply store or online stores for ratcheting pruners. The right tools help to keep your hands in shape for more weeding, planting, and lawn mowing. Let's get the yard in shape for barbeque time this summer!

Feeling sore after all that yardwork?

Contact Active Wellness LLC at 541-286-5445

We are here to help you stay active!


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