Welcome to Active Wellness LLC, in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. Established in July 2019, Active Wellness is an independent private practice for occupational therapy. This clinic is dedicated to keeping you healthy and active.

The clinic is accessible from the free local bus transportation system. The main transit station located at on block away at 5th and Monroe. Bicycle parking is accessible in the front of the building. Walking to this clinic is possible. Car parking is available in designated downtown lots or on the streets of Corvallis (see the Contact Us webpage). Ease of transportation is only one factor for choosing a therapy clinic. Experience and expertise are other factors to consider. As a resident of Corvallis for over 25 years, I appreciate the quality of life in the Willamette Valley. Over the past 13 years, I have worked in Portland and SW Washington with many skilled and gifted providers. Now, after many years of clinical practice, I established this clinic to provide both ease of access and quality care closer to home.

Each post will have a tip or reminder for health and wellbeing. This initial post shares the essentials of hand care – hand hygiene. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is effective for protection from germs. However, if hands are visibly soiled, then soap and water is the preferred method for hand hygiene. Remember to lather for at least 20 seconds before to rinsing (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2021). Take the time to minimize the spread of germs.

Peggy Stein OTD OTR/L CHT

Occupational Therapist

Certified Hand Therapist

Active Wellness LLC in Corvallis, OR

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2021). Handwashing: clean hands save lives.  Retrieved 11/14/2021 from CDC Handwashing – Clean Hands Save Lives | CDC

Autumn arrives with everything pumpkin spice, and leaves turning red, orange, and yellow. After a weekend at the coast with my husband, I feel refreshed; first get away in a long while. We walked surfside on the sand, with fresh air and listening to the roar of the ocean. Kingfishers, herons, and ducks captured our attention at a local estuary. How fortunate to live in Oregon with so much to explore outdoors.

Earlier in October the annual conference for the American Society of Hand Therapy provided new insights into managing nerve injuries. If you are feeling weakness, numbness or tingling in your hand or arm, hand therapy treatment is available in the Corvallis office or via video. Addressing a problem soon when the symptoms start is the best way to get relief and resume normal activities. Call Active Wellness at 541-286-5445.

Counterstrain is one technique to relieve pain, swelling, numbness or tingling in a hand or arm. Whether a condition is due to tendonitis, post-cancer edema, or trauma, Counterstrain can help. Treatment is available with health insurance for a medical condition; also cash-pay or flexible spending account is possible for wellness care.

Call the office to find out if Active Wellness could help you feel better and get active again!

Telehealth, or treatment by video, is a helpful resource. If you are working from home, know that hand therapy is accessible with minimal schedule disruption. Also, telehealth provides the best access to care while minimizing Covid 19 exposure.

Telehealth may be convenient when you are working from home. Below are some helpful tips to stay healthy while using that home computer. 

  1. Keep your feet flat on the floor. This provides stability, especially in a rolling chair. If needed, use a footrest to support your feet.
  2. A chair that positions your knees and hips at a right angle (90 degrees) is best.
  3. An adjustable table or computer station may allow for seated or standing position when using the computer.
  4. The top of your computer screen should be positioned at eye level. A window near the computer station allows a break from the computer screen, giving your eyes a rest.
  5. When videoconferencing, keep a light in front of your face for good visibility.
  6. Use of earbuds or head set eases the strain from holding a phone.

Still having trouble, call Active Wellness LLC for a consultation at 541-286-5445.


See more tips and information via SAIF, Oregon worker’s compensation insurance at the link below.

Ergonomics for the home office (saif.com